Hey! arcade in Akihabara, the best arcade ever

This is a quick runthrough of the 2nd floor of Hey! arcade in Akihabara, easily the best arcade in Tokyo for high-quality arcade games in peak conditi...

This is a quick runthrough of the 2nd floor of Hey! arcade in Akihabara, easily the best arcade in Tokyo for high-quality arcade games in peak condition, with high-level competition on every game possible. The arcade’s split up into 5 floors; the basement/underground floor is a /hentai shop (as per most places in Akihabara). The ground/1st floor is the entrance and really nothing else. The 2nd floor is this floor in the video, which is half shm’up games (and i mean LOTS of shm’up games …

Duration : 0:1:47

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25 Responses to “Hey! arcade in Akihabara, the best arcade ever”

  1. azuritereaction says:

    surprisingly, it …
    surprisingly, it wasn’t in many akihabara arcades: drummania outnumbered it like 3 to 1 for arcades it was in, and taiko outnumbered them both combined like 2 to 1.

  2. canipokeu says:

    :O where’s …
    :O where’s beatmania?

  3. jack1oo says:

    damn if i was their …
    if i was their i’d get my down to the basement

  4. jack1oo says:


  5. treasurehunters117 says:

    Where is this place?
    Where is this place?

  6. graffiti1man says:

    LOL for me tokyo is …
    LOL for me tokyo is prob heaven

  7. kwikster25 says:

    Your so lucky x.x; …
    Your so lucky x.x;
    I’m planning on going to Japan i get older, but for now I can’t cause I’m broke lol
    But I’m definitely going to stop by that arcade, I’m more of a DDR person and GH person, but I’ve been working on drums for Rock Band, I can do some expert songs but not many x.x;

  8. azuritereaction says:

    a vacation, yeah
    a vacation, yeah

  9. omlp says:

    Was this a holiday …
    Was this a holiday or something then?

  10. kylepolansky says:

    This place is …
    This place is amazing i wish i could go there but i probably never will. I really like the fact that you respond to most of the comments on these old videos az. Thanks for keeping them on youtube. (No copyright!)

  11. azuritereaction says:

    i do live in …
    i do live in america. always have.

  12. RockBandit31 says:

    wait, azurite, do u …
    wait, azurite, do u live in japan or china???? cause i thought u lived in the states!
    plz reply

  13. ChriyR says:

    Porn Shop ??? …
    Shop ??? Seriously Azurite

  14. azuritereaction says:

    you should know at …
    you should know at least rudimentary japanese, in terms of being able to read it and speak it, before you go: it’ll make it a lot easier for you to get around, find things, and much more will be available to you.

  15. DecMan41 says:

    I REALLY wanna go …
    I REALLY wanna go to japan, but is it really necessary to know much japanese, speaking or reading? Please reply

  16. azuritereaction says:

    there were girls in …
    there were girls in that arcade. at least a good 10 or so per floor, coming with their boyfriends or by themselves, in all different fashions and etc.

  17. bradslvrdude says:

    I noticed that too, …
    I noticed that too, a lot of those people where dressed like they had just came from the office. Another observation is that there wasn’t a girl in sight, well I guess girls aren’t into that stuff as much or at all.
    Did they have Pachinko, SHINNY LITTLE SILVER BALLS, people get like obsessed with playing that game. I want to go there, it seemed pretty loud in there. I wonder what their electrical bill is. XP

  18. blue6sub6remnant6 says:

    Well, it’s true.
    Well, it’s true.

  19. 1337KenG says:

    this guy went on a …
    this guy went on a stabbing spree in that area because it was so crowded. A lot got injured and some died.. They were mourning them on the streets when I was there.

  20. chiquisslp says:

    what stabbing? what …
    what stabbing? what happened!!!

  21. GBallaJ says:

    wow how much money …
    wow how much money do you think this arcade makes god

  22. toastmonkey444 says:

    lol”the basement/ …
    lol”the basement/underground floor is a /hentai shop (as per most places in Akihabara)”

  23. 1337KenG says:

    nice vid
    last …

    nice vid
    last summer I went there too
    it’s too bad about the stabbing 🙁

  24. b0ub0u1138 says:

    Hey guys,
    Can …

    Hey guys,
    Can anyone send me the direction to get to Hey Arcade, as I will be in Tokyo next week.

  25. gghhh3 says:

    This reminds me …
    This reminds me SOOOOO much of when I lived in Japan. I lived in a little AFB called Yokota and we had a similar arcade called round 1. All the same games, just smaller. Good times.

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