Naruto Ultimate ninja heroes 2 (PSP) All Characters and All Teams

Finish The Mugenjo at 100 Floor and you will unlock: Orochimaru,Sasuke,Kabuto,Jiraiya,Tsunade and Shizune then there will appear a Hidden Mugenjo at t...

Finish The Mugenjo at 100 Floor and you will unlock:
Orochimaru,Sasuke,Kabuto,Jiraiya,Tsunade and Shizune then there will appear a Hidden Mugenjo at the Main Menu
Finish The Hidden Mugenjo at Basement 30 floor then you will unlock:
Itachi,Kisame and Sarutobi (the third hokage)

at the heroes mode pick the custom team and pick:

Legendary Sannin: Tsunade,Jiraiya and Orochimaru
Team Sharingan: Sasuke,Kakashi and Itachi
Team Genius: Sasuke,Neji and Shikamaru
Triple Trouble: Naruto,Kiba and Choji
Hard Workers United: Naruto,Lee and Hinata
Maidens In Love: Sakura,Ino and Hinata
Akatsuki: Itachi and Kisame
Master & Student: Jiraiya and Naruto
The Cursed: Orochimaru and Sasuke
Hot Blood Master & Student: Guy and Lee
Eternal Rivals: Kakashi and Guy
Team Byakugan: Hinata and Neji
Author & Fan: Jiraiya and Kakashi
Uchiha Clan: Sasuke and Itachi
Association Of Ninja Thugs: Itachi,Kisame and Orochimaru
Those Who Know Loneliness: Naruto,Sasuke and Gaara
Cunning Master & Student: Tsunade and Sakura
Hokage and itant: Tsunade and Shizune
Shadows Of Evil: Orochimaru and Kabuto
Leaf Jonin: Kakashi,Guy and Shizune
Dark Alliance: Orochimaru,Kabuto and Sasuke
The Guides: Sarutobi(The Third Hokage) and Tsunade
The Leaf’s Greatest: Sarutobi(The Third Hokage),Jiraiya and Tsunade
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Duration : 0:2:35

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25 Responses to “Naruto Ultimate ninja heroes 2 (PSP) All Characters and All Teams”

  1. WrandomW says:

    1.copy and paste 8 …
    1.copy and paste 8 times on diffrent videos
    2.then,look at your profile background

  2. sknkwrx says:

    if you watched all …
    if you watched all the shows of naruto yu will now know all the teams

  3. sknkwrx says:

    thanks now ill tell …
    thanks now ill tell to my classmate that he dosent have all the teams

  4. frateofbate says:

    yeah i got all …
    yeah i got all characters in 3 days!thanks ill sub!

  5. joshua123456emo says:

    to unlock kisame, …
    to unlock kisame,itachi, and sarutobi
    u must finished hidden mugenjo & finish heroes mode from finest healers to summoners of mugenjo

    try to finish them then you will unlock them

  6. frateofbate says:

    i finished 30 floor …
    i finished 30 floor at mugenjo but didn’t unlock
    sarutobi itachi and kisame plz help ill subscribe
    and rate 5 stars plz.

  7. narutoactionfigs says:

    It worked ahahaha!
    It worked ahahaha!

  8. vermillionrasengan says:

    it does
    it does

  9. vermillionrasengan says:

    just finish story …
    just finish story mode

  10. shabibi01 says:

    hey does it need …
    hey does it need nay special cheats or u just have to finish the heroes mode and the story and the travel thing whit naruto lol

  11. issacsucks says:

    it doesnt have to …
    it doesnt have to be his special move does it?

  12. joshua123456emo says:

    yes he can go curse …
    yes he can go curse seal

  13. issacsucks says:

    can sasuke go curse …
    can sasuke go curse seal?

  14. Allen913369 says:

    oh thnx i just …
    oh thnx i just complete the hidden mugenjo

  15. joshua123456emo says:


  16. Allen913369 says:

    oh who the last …
    oh who the last battle?

  17. joshua123456emo says:


  18. Allen913369 says:

    the hidden mugenjo …
    the hidden mugenjo until basement 30?

  19. phoneixformation says:

    yeah it is
    yeah it is

  20. joshua123456emo says:

    i dont know
    i dont know

  21. TRACER0218 says:

    So they only added …
    So they only added 3 new characters and changed the looks of a few of them?
    Gaara’s costume change is my favorite that I see.

  22. joshua123456emo says:

    your welcome
    your welcome

  23. ZaNgOooZe says:

    thanks for showing …
    thanks for showing the teams ^^

  24. wizardguy56 says:

    is this also in …
    is this also in bestbuy

  25. atashishana says:

    i already finished …
    i already finished mugenjo and the hidden suddenly appeared.. in conclusion, if u finish mugenjo the hidden mugenjo will just appear by itself.. or if u finish mugenjo u will unlock the hidden

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