Christian Marclay ‘SCREENPLAY’ E-Arts Shanghai October 22 2008 October 22, 7.30 pm, Screenplay by Marclay- live performance(with musicians Elliott Shar...

October 22, 7.30 pm, Screenplay by Marclay- live performance(with musicians Elliott Sharp, Wu Na, Bruce Gremo, Wang Li Chuan, Ben Houge, Yan Jun and Top Floor Circus)
Screenplay is a video score in which found film footage is combined with computer animation to create a visual projection to be interpreted by musicians. Using video projection to convey instructions to musicians, he composed a silent collage of found film footage partially layered with computer graphics to provide a framework in which live music can develop. Screen Play will be interpreted by three different ensembles comprised of Chinese and international musicians. Marclays long-time collaborator Elliott Sharp will join him from the avant-garde experimental music scene in New York City, to play with the award-winning guqin player Wu Na, and Chinese opera percussionist Wang Li Chuan 王力川, both from Beijing. Shanghai-based composer and videogame audio guru Ben Houge will explore the various layers of information present in the video, together with Yan Jun 颜峻, a found-sound spinner and master of ambient soundscapes, and Bruce Gremo, a veteran improviser performing on his custom-made electronic flute controller, the Cilia. The opening act will be performed by Top Floor Circus顶楼的马戏团, a Shanghai-based folk-cum-art-cum-punk band.

Duration : 0:9:59

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