Baby’s Room – Laminate Floor Install

Quick video showing the stages of me installing floating laminate floor in the future baby's room. Took me about 2.5 hours.Duration : 0:0:28[youtube R...

Quick video showing the stages of me installing floating laminate floor in the future baby’s room. Took me about 2.5 hours.

Duration : 0:0:28

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  1. piperfife says:

    I’ve got the same …
    I’ve got the same problem – hard food floors that the some former owner put screws right into. Idiot! I put down pergo for now – floating. When I have the money I’ll take it up and fix the hardwood.

  2. 111WORM111 says:


  3. BohemianDre says:

    yeah it cuts just …
    yeah it cuts just fine on my table saw with no problems.

  4. RABIDJOCK says:

    Yes I new about the …
    Yes I new about the moisture as I used foilbacked rolls on my newish concrete floors,but I have laid about 17 or 18 floors,but never came across felt backed flooring,does it cut ok and not clog or jam the saw?Cheers

  5. BohemianDre says:

    The dupont laminate …
    The dupont laminate flooring actually has the underlayment already pre-attached to the bottom of the laminate pieces. One less step for me to do 🙂

  6. Wonderboy613 says:

    The padidng isnt …
    The padidng isnt entirely for noise reduction its for moisture issure. Hes right though grabing wood filler to fill in the tack bar holes then refinishing the floor is a much bigger pain the installing laminate. eco finishes and shaws epic hardwood has a great locking system for people who want real wood without the glue/nail/staple installation.

  7. RABIDJOCK says:

    U didnt seem to use …
    U didnt seem to use any Underlay or foam there for noise reduction,handy in a kids room.Though hard to tell with the time lapse if u did.

  8. eatnosenuggets says:

    That’s cool, but …
    That’s cool, but you’re right, it’s hard to tell the original HW was in bad shape. Still looks good w/the laminate, though!

  9. BohemianDre says:

    hard to tell in …
    hard to tell in those pics but if I wanted to stick with the real hardwood I would have need to do a bit of work on the floor. The previous owners of the house put carpet down and drove nails into every section of the floor. No idea why. It was faster and easier to just put the laminate down and it still preserves the real hardwood in case several years or decades in the future. The laminate flooring is just floating laminate, no glue, no nails.

  10. eatnosenuggets says:

    Why put laminate …
    Why put laminate over real hardwood?

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