30 Minutes Chest Home Dumbbell Workout – Day 4

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Want to get six pack abs in 2009?

To get Six Pack Abs you need to work all your body parts in a very intensive mannner.

Perform this workout once a week at home with a set of dumbbells. This workout will work your chest using 4 different exercises split in 2 supersets.

Detailed Workout Plan:

Superset 1 (perform in total 4 times):
Exercise 1 – Medicine Ball Dumbbell Presses (8 to 15 reps)
immediately followed by:
Exercise 2 – Medicine Ball Dumbbell Flyes (8 to15 reps)

Superset 2 (perform in total 4 times):
Exercise 1 – Floor Dumbbell Presses (8 to 15 reps)
immediately followed by:
Exercise 2 – Floor Dumbbell Flyes (8 to 15 reps)

Leave only 45 seconds between supersets.

Good Luck!


Duration : 0:4:5

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25 Responses to “30 Minutes Chest Home Dumbbell Workout – Day 4”

  1. grieve015 says:

    I’ll be going to …
    I’ll be going to the gym starting on monday, But it’ll be 2 hours each day mon/fri and in the morning. What should be my daily workout routine at the gym. like day 1, arms, day 2.. etc. should it be the same as this?

  2. geta6pack says:

    If you workout …
    If you workout intensively each time you lift weights, combine the dumbbell program with my abs program – doing abs straight after the dumbbell workout and running 3 times a week before breakfast, eat clean, drink loads of water and sleepa lot: you should definitely see a difference.

  3. geta6pack says:

    It would definitely …
    It would definitely help you man. To get rid of man boobs I suggest you do my entire dumbbell program and eat clean all the time!

  4. geta6pack says:

    You either need to …
    You either need to do more reps per set or increase your weight man.

  5. coonskii says:

    ive started trying …
    ive started trying your workouts and the only question i have is….if i only workout like you say, isnt that not enough to truly see great results if your only working each mucsle group out once a week? Should i do other workouts too? That would be great if you had some tips

  6. BPMykoolx3 says:

    say if you had man …
    say if you had man boobs would these exercises mixed with good a good diet get you pecs ?

    your vidz are the best

  7. QueensBoi4Eva says:

    yo son i gotta a …
    yo son i gotta a medicine ball and i do the chest workouts but after the workout i only feel my chest hurtung only a tiny bit yo son can you help me out b

  8. geta6pack says:

    Only a bench could …
    Only a bench could be a replacement mate

  9. mybishthing says:

    Hi Mate, I dont …
    Hi Mate, I dont have the ball at my house….
    is there any replacement that would do the same affect or near the same?

  10. geta6pack says:

    You can do both or …
    You can do both or one or the other depending what angle you want to work out your chest.

  11. nickbrules1 says:

    are you supposed to …
    are you supposed to lay fully flat on the medicine ball or on a angle(lying on a incline bench works upper chest)

  12. geta6pack says:

    Its a different …
    Its a different angle for your chest: helps work the upper chest and also the core as you need more stability on a ball.

  13. geta6pack says:

    Yes you can do the …
    Yes you can do the workout one arm at a time.

  14. JedDeLosSantos says:

    wuts the point of …
    wuts the point of doin it on a medicine bal?

  15. rarafly1 says:

    i have a bench n a …
    i have a bench n a barbell but my problem is that i only have 1 dumm bell so how would i do the dumbell flys can i do them one arm at a time?

  16. geta6pack says:

    Yes man, just do …
    Yes man, just do the floor version for 6 sets of presses and 6 sets of flyes instead.

  17. apakabardunia12 says:

    a question can i …
    a question can i still do the workouts without the ball?

  18. geta6pack says:

    Thanks. This …
    Thanks. This workout develops mainly chest but also core and indirectly abs as it uses a medicine ball.

  19. otherjamestv says:

    cool workout! does …
    cool workout! does this build peck muscle as well as abs?

  20. geta6pack says:

    There are almost …
    There are almost 100 chest exercise, just this workout won’t hit every single angle of your chest but it is a good compromise in developping a well rounded chest. Your elbows have to go very low: the ball is there to help you do that, plus because it moves it makes it more difficult to lift the weights making it a core workout as well as a chest workout.

  21. nickbrules1 says:

    would this workout …
    would this workout work the entire chest?could i build a formed chest just by doing this workout and whats the medicine ball for?

  22. geta6pack says:

    Either use a bench …
    Either use a bench or do it on the floor only.

  23. geta6pack says:

    Yeah thanks man,it …
    Yeah thanks man,it was copy-paste from another video. Will sort it out.

  24. smartart123 says:

    hey what can we use …
    hey what can we use if we do not have a medicine ball?

  25. Superkell91 says:

    thanks a lot again …
    thanks a lot again -rated 5 stars.
    the description seems a little off – it says ‘this will work your shoulders’ and also the description of the superset 2 should be exercise 3, exercise 4 right??

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