Hardwood Floor Dustless Sanding

checking out in detail wood floor sanding with a dustless system at a near Beverly Hills homeDuration : 0:4:16[youtube tM3cwn05Ue4] ...

checking out in detail wood floor sanding with a dustless system at a near Beverly Hills home

Duration : 0:4:16

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22 Responses to “Hardwood Floor Dustless Sanding”

  1. tydauphinee says:

    dust free sanding …
    dust free sanding is the way to go happy home owners and u can mark up ur cost. the hose on the drum &edger is a big but home owners love it.

  2. tomahawkdpad says:

    the hose one the …
    the hose one the drum looks like a huge pain in the and o yeah sandinding 45s sucks dick

  3. dsmith85041 says:

    anyone worried …
    anyone worried about dust when they hire a wood floor sanding compay should be punched in the face. bags on the machines, fans in the windows, hanging plastic to contain to the work area, dustbrush the walls a little and vaccuuming is so much better

  4. Bradlee6950 says:

    Wonder what the …
    Wonder what the cost will be compared to hiring a floorsander without the vac system and getting a professional cleaner in?

  5. woodfloorguru says:

    yes, that would be …
    yes, that would be a better wording. there’s always some minimal amount of dust in a home.

  6. Gelasius01 says:

    my dust on my …
    my dust on my floors are very very minimal probably as minimal as the dustless systems. only thing i use is a clark vacuum. I just use regular bags on my hummel because the hummel doesn’t make any dust hardly. i hook the vacuum up to my edger and buffer. only thing that makes dust is when i go dark colors i don’t have vacuum hookup for my porter cable orbital around the edges, but will get one soon, totally worth. dustless for the cost of a good 600 dollar vacuum 🙂

  7. OompahLoompah61 says:

    watch the edger he …
    watch the edger he doesnt cross cut to level, bet it is wavy..yeah dustless is not possabile, heck i use a 12,000 cubic foot per minute fan that works well. i seal off the fan into a door way and open windows i get a 20mph wind sucking up the dust, and it costs alot less and doesnt attach to machines… my clinets are always amazed and sastisfied..

  8. OriginalKemoSabe says:

    You said what I …
    You said what I wanted to say. Too bad the “record” wasn’t public…oh well. Some people sell their souls, huh? lol

  9. pcjunkie54 says:

    OriginalKemoSabe – …
    OriginalKemoSabe – you’re quite welcome….just wanted to set the record straight on this dustless stuff..posted to wrong person so heres my response to you

  10. pcjunkie54 says:

    you’re quite …
    you’re quite welcome….just wanted to set the record straight on this dustless stuff..

  11. OriginalKemoSabe says:

    Thank you…
    Thank you…

  12. vedder7373 says:

    wow the dust could …
    wow the dust could have gone through a 1 inch hole.

  13. pcjunkie54 says:

    woodfloorguru – …
    woodfloorguru – Don’t you think it would be wise to call it what it really is?? Dust containment?There is no such thing as dustless..Sell this to all the people you want but you can’t say it gets rid of 100% of the dust

  14. kellieknockout says:

    the galaxy doesent …
    the galaxy doesent need the vacume system but the edgers deffinitly do. We have it hooked up to the edgers and buffers but it looks like it would slow things down with the galaxy

  15. woodfloorguru says:

    lol, point taken.
    lol, point taken.

  16. woodfloorguru says:

    the tape was from …
    the tape was from the instyaller that DIDNT use that system as mentioned. that’s how the problem started. he doubted the dust problem just like you – but it is a real issue .

  17. laszloking says:

    no dust ha ha ha …
    no dust ha ha ha why is the blue tape all over the
    cupboards sanding comes whit dust.

  18. superbuarli says:

    wow .. great idea.. …
    wow .. great idea… we did without and the fine sand wa severywhere..we managed to clean it..but next time i have these guys use the proper equipment and use the vacuum, that”s what it”s there for. should be mandatory, coz i had asthma problems flare up after that whole dust (which has elements from poy in in…yikes)

  19. broncoramfan says:

    i cud understand …
    i cud understand using that ina big house but wudnt the hoses get in the way ina small house … n i feel sorry for the egder guy i hate 45 floors!!!!!!

  20. artbyscars says:

    I did get a life- …
    I did get a life- that’s why I don’t sand floors anymore.

  21. woodfloorguru says:

    a mess of hoses for …
    a mess of hoses for a couple of hours, versus a MESS OF DUST all over your house. these guys have been doing hundreds of jobs – and they normally get dust every where. they’re pros, and the fine wood dust gets sucked where it belongs – OUTSIDE. just because it is a new system and you never heard of it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. live and learn.

  22. artbyscars says:

    what a mess of …
    what a mess of hoses.
    eff that.
    sanding floors is dusty work.
    I would call out his swanky .

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