Wood Dust…

Whew...Duration : 0:1:52[youtube zNeRqqv-AqI] ...


Duration : 0:1:52

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13 Responses to “Wood Dust…”

  1. mjmcomputers says:

    I’m anxious to see …
    I’m anxious to see it finished, its changed so much since the first video, that was one nasty apartment.

  2. cheeseboat15 says:

    Ooops… I said …
    Ooops… I said that already
    I got tboned

    My little 2001 hundai elantra vs a friggen tank of a car. twas a caddie

  3. cheeseboat15 says:

    The funny thing is. …
    The funny thing is… I was in a car wreck earlier in the day >_>

    My brakes failed at an intersection

    Myself and significant other are fine and dandy… The car… not so much

  4. FatGuyWithACamaroz28 says:

    i know, i kid :3
    i know, i kid :3

  5. CORVAIRWILD says:

    That’s what’s on …
    That’s what’s on your mind, Huh???

    Whad’ya crash into?

  6. CORVAIRWILD says:

    Yeah, rite!!! The …
    Yeah, rite!!! The more I hire, the more work for me, watching them, buying or finding supplies… Correcting mistakes…

  7. FatGuyWithACamaroz28 says:

    why don’t you just …
    why don’t you just pay people to do that stuff?

  8. cheeseboat15 says:

    …Are you coming …
    …Are you coming on to me
    lol Jk

    That’s awesome.
    Currently, I am recovering from a car crash so… I’ve been watching your vids all day =3

  9. CORVAIRWILD says:

    How’s da birdies???
    How’s da birdies???

  10. CORVAIRWILD says:

    Never too Busy for …
    Never too Busy for youz…

  11. UKmatt2000 says:

    It never looked …
    It never looked that difficult on Changing Rooms did it? It was a con I tells ya.

  12. cheeseboat15 says:

    Hmmmm… Getting …
    Hmmmm… Getting fancy with black gloves I see lol.

    I love tour videos. Log on every day, hoping for more. And you deliver =D

  13. AOO08DOYOUHEAR says:

    You aren’t making …
    You aren’t making them do it by hand with a block sander?

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