Wood Carving

Very elaborate carvings in teak wood. Incredible detail!! Furniture that was made using this wood was fit for a castle. Listen to him talk about the o...

Very elaborate carvings in teak wood. Incredible detail!! Furniture that was made using this wood was fit for a castle. Listen to him talk about the over harvesting of Teak in Thailand. Now it is imported from Burma (Myanmar).

Duration : 0:5:35

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25 Responses to “Wood Carving”

  1. mauimud1 says:

    Yeah, what ever.
    Yeah, what ever.

  2. bananapiesed says:

    jejejej DALE …
    jejejej DALE BOCAAAaaa

  3. upshaw26 says:

    Teak rules!
    Teak rules!

  4. Iampolynesian says:

    wow did you stick …
    wow did you stick your camera in the face of that lady? when she was carving? you know she dropped it on purpose right?

  5. Mindsore says:

    outstanding …
    outstanding craftsmanship

  6. Alecsso says:

    when god create the …
    when god create the human , the human create the art ! and the art create ideeas of beauty , good , ugly or wrong … love the nature of yourself and the others wil love you . be all loved.

  7. hugoderknabe says:

    that`s incredible …
    that`s incredible an BOSTERO WOODCARVER from thailand??!!!BOQUITA is more famous than BIN LADEN!!! I think this CHINAZO is the COYITA GUTIERREZ!!!

  8. mauimud1 says:

    I only know it was …
    I only know it was about 25 km/50 miles from Bangcok. Also went to Sanphram Elephant grounds & zoo (Package deal). Check with tour providers.

  9. eiw1982 says:

    where in thailand …
    where in thailand is this place, i am going in Dec and would like to see

  10. YOBABYBUBBA says:

    wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. cernunos66 says:

    As a semi-pro …
    As a semi-pro carver this is both humbeling and vastly inspireing

  12. bleedingonthewall says:

    when i clicked on …
    when i clicked on the box that said wood carving i didnt know i was gonna see the most amazing spectacle of wood carving ever. kinda ruined the rest of it for me. Sweet video though wish i could see it in real life.

  13. fatpat2009 says:

    o my god that is …
    o my god that is amazing i love it

  14. DragonToes13 says:

    Did you actually …
    Did you actually stick your camera in that ladies face? Are you stoned? LMAO I’d ove carved you a Moko in your face in like 20 sec for that lol , do you know how annoying that is? That ladies a genius , next time think just a lil who ever made this video lol

  15. nllleonard says:

    THanks …
    THanks Ginmillsinger for sending this along! Wonderful artistry! Very impressive!

  16. jtls8 says:

    Wish I had half …
    Wish I had half this much talent*****`S
    Thank you Bill(ginmillsinger)for sending.

  17. baldyholly79 says:

    This is fab. I saw …
    This is fab. I saw something similar in Kenya.

  18. livelife365 says:

    wow…amazing …
    wow…amazing detail….

  19. mauimud1 says:

    I am glad you all …
    I am glad you all enjoyed the video. I am pleased to share it with those interested….Michael (mauimud1)

  20. broncose1 says:

    This is amazing. I …
    This is amazing. I enjoyed this one very much.
    Thank you,Mark for sendingthis one. 5*****’s

  21. ginmillsinger says:

    Great Artistry and …
    Great Artistry and video! 5+Star’s!
    Great share, Mark! Thanks!
    Very best wishes for health and happiness!

  22. crystalsfrenchfan says:

    very beautiful work!
    very beautiful work!

  23. emifolk says:

    very fantastic art …
    very fantastic art work absolutely awesome
    thanks Mark for sharing

  24. sherrywine1941 says:

    Beautiful Art work. …
    Beautiful Art work. Thanks Maysey1 for the share. Sherry

  25. willy350z says:

    Awesome wood …
    Awesome wood carving!!!thanks for sharing..!!

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